Pre. Litigation is the first stage of a case. The lawsuit has not been filed with Court.


If you have been injured as the result of a motor-vehicle accident, you need to hire a lawyer in order to get a fair compensation for your damages. A few steps can help you build a strong case:

  • call the police, they will draft a traffic collision report and give you a business card with the number of the police report that will be drafted
  • take pictures of the scene of the incident,
  • take pictures of your property damage,
  • take pictures of the property damage of Defendant and
  • take pictures of your personal injuries.
  • Take picture of Defendant’s driver’s license
  • Take picture of Defendant’s proof of insurance
  • Take the names of the witnesses

Once you have all these elements, a claim will need to be filed. You can do it yourself or the attorney that you retained will take care of it.

Write down the details of your injuries and get treatment if you’re hurt.

Then, reach out to a counsel to get the best representation and the best recovery for your accident. We are here to help you.


If you have been injured after slipping/tripping and falling in a public space or in a private place, the ground for your lawsuit will be premise liability.

Always take pictures of the environment and take the names of all the witnesses of the incident.

A claim can be filed with the city if you fell in a public space. However, if you fell in a private place, then it will be a non-government claim.

Be aware that government claims have a shorter statute of limitation so contact your attorney as soon as possible if you are in this situation.


When the injury happened in the scope of your employment, the personal injury case will involve a worker’s compensation case with your employer. If your employer is not responsible of the incident, there will still be a personal injury case independent from the worker’s compensation case.


Medical Malpractice is involved when a doctor did not practice medicine the way a reasonable doctor would have. It means that the doctor was negligent. In California, there is still a cap regarding the amount of damages that can be recovered in these kinds of cases. However, it may change next year.


Product Liability is involved when a person has been injured as a result of the defect (design/manufacture) of a product. For example, if an air bag does not deploy the way it should be and as a result of this defect, the person involved in an incident is hurt whereas she would not have been hurt if the air bag had deployed correctly.


General negligence covers all the other circumstances that could cause you to get injured by the negligence of someone else.

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