American Businesses wanting to do business with France and French Businesses in California are a specific target for SFP LAW, A.P.C. as the law firm is the only one able to give them an understanding of both French and California law and explain to them the differences between the Civil Code Law of France and the Common Law in America and how the process of resolving a case differs.

Litigation starts when the case is being filed with Court. Usually, it happens when the Plaintiff made a demand during the pre-litigation stage of the case and that demand was not accepted by the insurance.

The litigation stage includes different steps:

  • Filing a complaint
  • Propounding and answering written discovery
  • Oral discovery
  • Defense Medical Examination
  • Expert Designation
  • 998 Offers
  • Trial

Filing a complaint :

Filing a complaint with Court starts the litigation process. The Court will give a case number to the Complaint and return it to Plaintiff. Then, Plaintiff will have to serve Defendants.

Propounding and answering written discovery :

Once the complaint has been served, the next step for the parties is to propound discovery to the other party. Written discovery is a very efficient tool to learn more about the case. Indeed, parties can ask questions to defendants and can request that documents be produced. As each party can use this tool, parties ask questions and answer the questions of the other parties. This is a written process.

Oral Discovery :

Oral Discovery usually follows written discovery or is concomitant. Oral discovery is handled by noticing deposition of the parties of the case, treating doctors, witnesses or Experts. During the deposition, the party who noticed the deposition can ask questions to the deposed person. This is another very good way to know more about the case.

Defense Medical Examination :

Defense Medical Examination allows Defendant to set up a physical or psychological examination of Plaintiff by a doctor of his choice. The attorney can be present during the physical examination but not during the psychological examination.

Expert Designation :

L’ entreprise qui est en mesure de manier tous les types de matériaux de construction et de s’occuper de la création de l’immeuble du début à la fin.

988 offers :

998 offers are offers that can be made either by Plaintiff or by Defendant during the litigation process. If they are accepted, then the case settles.

Trial :

Trial is the final step of the case. A jury will be selected, the case will be litigated and the jury will render its verdict.

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