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Stephanie F. Prebay, Esq. is barred in California, Quebec and France. She practiced in France for 3 years before attending UCLA School of Law and becoming an attorney in a top personal injuries law firm. Stephanie Prebay’s international experience gives her the tools to approach a case from different angles in order to find the argument that will help you win.


Stephanie Prebay

Stephanie Prebay practiced in France personal injuries, defect product liability, medical malpractice and construction law. She represented (not at the same time0 both injured people and insurance companies in order to get a full understanding of the forces at stake in a case.

Stephanie Prebay graduated valedictorian from her Master’s in France and was admitted to various universities in America such as Duke, Cornell, Georgetown, NYU, UVA, Northwestern and UCLA. Stephanie chose to attend UCLA and practiced personal injuries as a legal assistant before taking and passing the California Bar.

This experience as a legal assistant gave Stephanie the availability to handle each step of a case and get a full understanding on how to work up a case in order to win at trial.


Stephanie Prebay practices in the area of personal injuries, wrongful death, product liability and medical malpractice in the American Legal System.

Stephanie Prebay also applied for the foreign legal consultant license in order to advise the French community living in Los Angeles in French Law (contracts, torts, construction law, insurance law, personal injuries…)

  1. Definition of a personal injury

Personal injuries refer to a physical or mental injury that a person sustained as a result of an incident.

Personal injuries can happen in different circumstances and these circumstances will determine the set of rules that will apply to the case.

  1. Different causes/grounds for a personal injury claim/lawsuit

Personal Injuries can be sustained as a result of a slip/trip and fall: we talk about premises liability

Personal injuries can be sustained as a result of a motor-vehicle incident.

Personal injuries can be sustained as a result of an incident that happens at work: we talk about worker’s compensation.

Personal injuries can be sustained as a result of a medical error: we talk about medical malpractice.

Personal injuries can be sustained as a result of the defect of a product: we talk about product liability

Personal injuries can be sustained as the result of the negligence of another person. If the circumstances of the occurrence of the injury do not belong to one of the above. Mentioned categories, then the rules of personal injuries are the applicable ones.


Stephanie Prebay takes personal injuries cases on a contingency fee basis. For other cases, Stephanie Prebay can work on a hourly fee basis.

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